Our Team


Vinay Pratap Singh


Mr. Vinay Pratap Singh is the founding and managing  partner based in Indore and Bhopal, and focuses his practice in matters pertaining to Matrimonial issues,Arbitration , Corporate Affairs and Service Matter related issues. He is currently practicing in M.P High court – Indore Bench where he has already handled complex service related issues. He is best known in the firm for his strategic and technical approach and paving way for solution to complex cases.
His expertise list includes intellectual property rights, especially trademarks, which goes on to advising clients on even rigid issues pertaining to intellectual property laws.
Vinay’s skill and knowledge has been constantly uplifting the name and fame of the firm

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Akshat Bagwaiya


Mr. Akshat Kumar Bagwaiya a partner based in Bhopal, known for his appreciable legal advice and outstanding performance in the field of Consumer, Negotiable Instruments and Family disputes as well as labour law. His capacity makes him the spinal cord of the firm who can manage everything within a few amounts of time. His tendency of working in different legal fields in the firm is remarkable which encourages the team as well.






Mr Hemant Soni is a partner based in Indore. Hemant’s practice areas and experience includes representing the client in civil litigation , service matters and matrimonial matters. His expertise in civil litigation includes advising the clients on complex civil matters as well as representing them before various forums. He is
Currently practicing at M.P High Court’s Indore Bench. He has been dealing with the diversity of cases including matrimonial matters corporate issues and civil litigation and his skill and innovative ideas in handling matters is commendable. His position in the firm has been highly appreciated for making it possible for the team to keep together the values of the firm.

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Hemant Soni